Udzungwa National Park, Tanzania

Area: 1,990 km²

Udzungwa National Park is characterized by a large foraest and mountain that rise magnificently from the coastal scrub of the eastern part of Tanzania.

The mountains arc found in the park have been dubbed ‘the African Galapagos’ due to the presence of endemic plants and animals.

These arcs have been recorded amongst the most ancient ranges while the park is closed with canopy forests with an altitude of 820 ft. to above 6,560 ft. without interruption.

The park is not a gme viewing destination but a great place for hiking through the forest trails and an excellent place to view the Sanje Waterfall, that plunges 550 ft. through the park.

Hiking through the forest is quite exciting, especially the Mwanihana trail that takes almost two nights to reach the high plateau.

Bird watching lovers have not been left behind, Udzungwa park has more than 400 bird species. The most common birds found at the park include: - the Asian genus, the African fowl, the Iringa red colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey 



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