Lake Ngozi, Tanzania

Area: 3.1 km²

Lake Ngozi is located on the southern highland of Tanzania and it is the largest crater lake in Africa. Ngozi in the local dialect means ‘the big one’

The crater is mainly accessed by trekking through the dense montane forests, which also is an exciting adventure. The route is made up of cascades, gorges and valleys; wild bananas; monkeys, chameleons and birds can be sited in the forest.

The lake is walled by a collapsed caldera and its water is slightly brackish, contains some fish, and is up to 75 m deep. The lake also has a spiritual significance to the local inhabitants.

The caldera is a roughly circular depression that was formed after the magma chamber’s roof collapsed beneath the magma’s body. This occurred during a volcanic eruption.

The lake water is said to have magical medicinal values. Those interested in climbing up to the lake enjoy the beautiful views, tranquil air and slopes pocketed with smaller volcanic peaks.

As you climb up through the grasslands and topical forests, the beautiful chattering colombus monkeys and miasma birds cannot be overlooked as you take the 2.5km path to the crater’s top.



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