Kitulo National Park, Tanzania

Area: 413 km²

Kitulo National Park is located on the southern highland of Tanzania between the Kipengere and Poroto mountains.

The park which is covered by montane grassland occupies an area of 412.9 square kilometres that spreads across Mbuya and Njombe regions. The park is managed by the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA).

The name Kitulo plateau means ‘Bustani ya Mungu’ (garden of God), or ‘the Serengeti of flowers’ since it is a great display of flowers in the world.

The park is known for its variety of flower species and is also a habitat to thousands of bird species. Unique wildflowers, birds and grass eating mammals are found here. For instance: wild flowers like lilies and fields of daisies and rare bird species including Denham’s bustard, the endangered blue swallow, mountain marsh widow, Njombe cisticola and Kipengere seedeater. Endemic butterfly species, chameleons, lizards and frogs add more beauty to God’s Garden.

The Kitulo National Park stands alone as it boasts of being the only tourist site in Africa that has more flowers than wildlife and is often compared with the Biblical Garden of Eden. These flowers are visible between December to April and September to November. However, from June to August the park is filled with fog making it hard to view the flowers.

The plateau also acts as a resting site for migrating birds on their way to Europe. The migrating storks rest here while flying from Cape Town, South Africa to Northern Europe while others brood here.

Activities in the part include;

i. Mountain hiking.

ii. Bird watching.

iii. Hill climbing on the neighboring ranges.

For those willing to sleep over, accommodation is available in Matamba and Chimala, Mbeya municipality.



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