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Area: 3,234 km²

Mkomazi National Park is located between Kilimanjaro and Tanga in north eastern Tanzania. The park covers over 3,234 Sq Km, and is dominated by Acacia vegetation and it boarders theTsavo West National Park in Kenya.

The area is commonly known as 'Mkomazi’. It unites the Umba Game Reserve to the east and the Mkomazi Game Reserve to the west.

Set below the verdant slopes of the spectacular Usambara and Pare Eastern Arc Mountain Ranges and the iconic snow at the peak of Mt.Kilimanjaro, the Mkomazi National Park is a breathtaking beauty that exhibits the unique natural treasures and beautiful sceneries between northern circuit and coastal attractions.

The park is home to a large herd of giraffes, eland, hartebeest, zebra, buffalo and elephant. Other animals found in the park include: include the spectacular fringe – eared oryx and the gerenuk gazelle distinguished by its slender neck, bizarre alien – like head.

It is also a refuge for two highly endangered species; the charismatic black rhino and the sociable African wild dog, both of which were successfully reintroduced in the 1990s. Nomadic by nature, the wild dog is seen from any part of the park. However, the black rhinos are restricted to a fenced sanctuary for safety and preservation of future generations. Mkomazi National Park is a fantastic destination for birdwatchers. It has more than 450 avian species recorded. Some of them include: the cobalt – chested vulturine guinea-fowl, the ostrich, the kori bustard, the secretary bird, ground hornbill and some migratory species including the Eurasian roller.

Activities that can be done at the park include game drives, camping, site seeing, bird watching, walking safari, and hiking (uphill).



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