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Population: 416,442

Arusha is a city in Arusha District of Arusha Region, with a population of about half a million. It is located at the foot of Mount Meru on the edge of the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley with a temperate climate with range of between 13 and 30 degrees Celsius and an average 25 degrees. The city is the Hub of Turism on the northern circuit with its proximity to the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Olduvai Gorge, Tarangire National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Arusha National Park.
Arusha is also a major international diplomatic hub and hosts the East African Community and a host of other international organizations.

The current site of Arusha was first settled in the 1830s by the agro-pastoral Arusha Maasai from the Arusha Chini community, south of Mount Kilimanjaro. They traded grains, honey, beer, and tobacco with the pastoral Kisongo Maasai in exchange for livestock, milk, meat, and skins. Demand for Arusha’s foodstuffs increased substantially during the 1860s when the Pangani Valley trade route was extended through Old Moshi, Arusha, and ultimately to southern Kenya.


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